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Celcurised Timber is the industry recognised term for timber that has been preserved with an Osmose Celcure brand preservative system, based on an effective combination of copper and organic co-biocides.
With more than a decade of global empirical evidence in locations throughout Europe, North America, Australia and Japan, Celcure preservatives have a proven track record of performance.
Pressure treated to force the preservative deep into the wood structure it provides protection where it matters.

Celcure treatment 2 lines

  • Impregnation using vacuum pressure technology
  • Proven globally, approved internationally, supported locally
  • Effective long-term protection against fungal and insect attack
  • Suitable for all Use Classes UC1, UC2, UC3 and UC4, including applications subject to high risk of decay or insect attack
  • Initial green appearance highlights the natural variations of the wood; fading to a driftwood grey after long term exposure to the sun.
  • Celcure treated wood products can be painted or stained to match any outdoor colour scheme.
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